Why We Are Different


There are many law firms and legal consulting firms that purport to offer “like” or “similar” services. What separates us from the rest is the depth and breadth of our substantive experience, the meaningful results we produce and our personalized approach.  We are experienced attorneys who have practiced in a wide range of substantive areas of the law - from antitrust to product liability and everything in between.  In our lifetimes, we have also been practice managers and law firm founders.  We have been buyers and we have been sellers. We have “walked the walk” of those we critique or seek to assist and have a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver quality legal and support services.  We understand the difference between delivering “value” and simply cutting costs. We are tech-savvy and undaunted by “Big Data.”  We have experience developing proprietary software for analyzing and reviewing legal and fees and expenses, and we understand how to maximize the use of artificial intelligence.

Simply put, with more than two decades in the Industry behind us and over 200 engagements and more than a dozen testimonies to our credit – involving in the aggregate over a billion dollars in legal costs – we are the front runner in providing customized, legal cost control and operational solutions and we are the team to beat.