What We Do


We pride ourselves on providing highly-customized bespoke solutions tailored to your exacting specifications. You are not a square peg that we are trying to force into a round hole. Your mission is our mission. Your goals are our goals. We stand behind you, not in front of you.  Our success is your success.  Our objective is not to be everything to everyone, but to be exactly what you need right now. 

Among the solutions we offer are the following:

  • Legal Operations Strategies and Consulting
  • Complex and/or Mass-Tort (and Class Action) Litigation Management and Settlement Review and Administration
  • Outside Counsel and Vendor Procurement and Management
  • Project, Process and Change Management
  • Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions, including customized e-billing, invoice review and claims management software and claims management extranet hosting services
  • Legal Invoice Review, Analysis and Reporting
  • Retrospective Third Party Reviews for Reasonableness, Necessity and Allocation
  • Insurance Reimbursement and/or Recovery Strategies
  • Quality of Service Reviews
  • Expert Testimony
  • Mediation and ADR  Services

If you wish to discuss any of our solutions with one of our experienced attorneys, please call us at (847) 595-1652.  All initial consultations are confidential and free. Our value-based, alternative fees are reasonable and can be tailored to any budget.