Robert Mulligan


Robert Mulligan

Senior Counsel and Office Manager

(847) 496-3731 

Robert Mulligan is Senior Counsel and serves as Office Manager for Mari Henry Leigh & Associates, LLC. Robert has worked with Founder and Managing Member on fee related issues and disputes and litigation management issues for over 10 consecutive years. Robert’s experience in legal cost consulting, litigation management and data analysis in complex litigation is backed by extensive court room and litigation experience as in-house counsel.

Robert helps clients with all their litigation management and legal cost control needs. He provides data analysis and counsel on clients’ monthly legal spend, savings initiatives, and short and long-term budgeting needs. He also provides guidance with respect to billing invoice quality control and billing guideline compliance. He has led several invoice review projects involving teams of attorneys hired to review and analyze legal fee invoices in legal fee disputes arising out of large and small-scale litigation assessing the reasonableness of attorneys' fees. Founder and Managing Member, Mari Henry Leigh says that: “Robert brings terrific insight to every project. Clients appreciate his thoroughness and dedication. Robert is a real asset to me and to the Team. I would be lost without him.”

Robert received his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication from Arizona State University. He received his J.D. from Whittier College School of Law.