Adam Friedman


Adam Friedman 

Associate Counsel

(847) 814-1656

Adam has several years of business experience and direct experience in data analysis and coding applications for detailed review of complex issues. Coupled with his knowledge of the law, Adam is a formidable force, and can easily see through the most convoluted excuses for unreasonable and excessive billing.

Adam assists counsel with knowledge about information systems and data analysis. He reviews and analyzes legal fee invoices in legal fee disputes arising out of large and small-scale litigation assessing the reasonableness of attorneys’ fees and assists in legal briefing. Adam assists Senior Counsel and works directly with Founder and Managing Member, Mari Henry Leigh, in analyzing the underlying cases, compiling relevant data into a usable form for client-purposes, and manages report standards to ensure a consistent and usable product. He has revised, and prepared, multiple reports assessing the reasonableness of attorneys’ fees in complex insurance coverage litigation cases and provides technical and logistical assistance to counsel in managing and processing large quantities of data. Adam made a substantial contribution in analyzing and re-evaluating the way eDiscovery document review fees should be priced to shift the risk of inefficiencies to vendors by establishing a unit-based pricing method to better align client and vendor interests and simplify oversight and management of document review efforts. The method Adam established is considered an Industry best practice.

Relied on heavily by Mari Henry Leigh for assistance in her daily work, Ms. Leigh notes she is “in awe of how fast Adam picks up issues. I give him a thread to pull on, and he gives me back an entire sweater. Adam is a true rock star, who quickly grasps issues way beyond his experience. My favorite days are those spent debating alternate scenarios with Adam on a white board. Watching Adam grow has been one of my greatest sources of pride.” 

Adam received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Robert Morris University. He received his J.D. from The John Marshall Law School, where he graduated near the top of his class with seven (yes, seven) CALI Awards for the highest grade in the class.